Klippans Yllefabrik PIMPERNEL by William Morris Metervara (säljs i 10-metersrullar) Kuddfodral 45x45 cm,Löpare 45x150 ,Kökshandduk, Förkläde, Grillvante,Grytlapp,Tablett 45x30, Rektangulär bricka 27x20, Rund bricka Ø38 ,Skärbräda 19x29

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571008 Förkläde
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Klippans Yllefabrik

PIMPERNEL by William Morris
We are proud to present a collection of original William Morris patterns. William Morris (1834-1896) was an artist, philosopher and political theorist. He was also one of the most influential designers of the Arts & Crafts Movement.
William Morris made some of the most exciting textiles of his era, but what is even more striking is how relevant they still are. His vibrant and colorful patterns are full of details mainly from nature.
We have received access to the William Morris patterns through © The William Morris Society and are therefore allowed to use the original logotype on our products. © The William Morris Society was founded in 1955 with the purpose to spread the life, work and ideas 
of William Morris.

PIMPERNEL by William Morris
390166 Metervara (säljs i 10-metersrullar)
275604 Kuddfodral 45x45 cm
520414 Löpare 45x150 cm
569930 Kökshandduk (säljs i 2-pack)
571008 Förkläde
539904 Grillvante (säljs i 2-pack)
521004 Grytlapp (säljs i 2-pack)
589904 Tablett 45x30 (säljs i 2-pack) Eukualyptusfiber Multi
912577 Rektangulär bricka 27x20 Laminerat björkträ Multi
913835 Rund bricka Ø38 Laminerat björkträ Multi
915201 Skärbräda 20x30 Laminerat björkträ Multi